Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tec in a Tyke chair

Digi doodle. A few hours went into it, and I don't really do much digital stuff, but I hope to do more. Anyway, just thought a detective smoking would be cool, so I did it. The next one will be finished!


Arwen said...

BEEJ. Awesome blog, dude! You detective looks very pensive. Perhaps he's mulling over who stole his bike, and how he's going to break the person's leg's once he finds them.

masoud namdari said...

how r u ? its so nice to see how you improve your drawing skil . could not belive my eyes when i saw your picture in your blog . its 12 years since last time .wish see u soon.
uncle masoud

Lynryn said...

Where's all the arts at?