Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Drawing while in Public with my Sketchbook and Art Supplies

I've started a new sketchbook since the early summer. Hope everyone's summer is going well!


Unknown said...

very nice bijan :)

Kevin Williams said...

Just so you know, I'm still checking your blog all summer. Sadly I'm way to weak to post up anything myself.
Makes me feel moochy kinda, cause I'm not giving you anything in return.

Regardless, 1. is that your actual phone number?
2. is that a drawing of kyle beside you trying to be gangster? (yes, I miss him too, it's ok)

3. I should probably write somewhere in this message, that sketches look awesome and you're awesome.

Keelamari said...

I love the two profiles up at the top! And do I spy an Ian?

Andrzej Szkot said...

Dude, how've you been? I'm bored as crap right now. If you're still around Oakville we should get together for like an art-jam or something cause I need something to make me get off my ass and draw, lol.