Monday, December 1, 2008

Royal Winter Fair pt2


Kevin Williams said...

1st off... woot comment virginity stolen.
Second. this is very pro of you. The clever title of the site sold me on it.

Now to comment on some art. I really like the expression on that cow eating at the top of part 1. But overall, it's interesting how all your drawings gave the animals some sort of cheeky personality. Like they knew they were being drawn. weird.

Anyways keep up the good work. Making a blog is 50% starting it, and 50% actually keeping up on updates.

Marianne M said...

Occupation: Artsy-girly-boy-man

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH niiiiiiice, oh bijou, you sexy man beast you, youre so awesome! especially with the drawings, better than i thought you were! anyways keep it up.

yours truly,
marianne mastrofini